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Update 11/14/2017

Pictures located under Media have been updated at 0100 11/14/17

Small issues with staff page fixed

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Eclipse 8/21/17

The eclipse should be passing over Florida from 1:30 to 5:00. A video time lapse will be available on our Youtube by tomorrow. Please be safe and do not look directly a the eclipse!


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Memorial Day

On Monday, May 29th , the unit will be taking part in a Memorial Day service to honor our country’s fallen at Boca Cemetery. The ceremony will take place from 0800-1000 (8 AM-10AM). Participating cadets will need to be in NSUs (males make sure to have a fresh haircut). Please take the time to honor those who gave their lives for our freedom.

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Navy Ball [complete]

The 2017 Navy Ball is this weekend on Saturday. April 20th at 6:30 PM. Navy Ball is an annual formal dance hosted by our own NJROTC unit. Tickets are $45 for cadets and $55 for noncadets. Tickets can be bought from the Instructors or online at SchoolCashOnline.com  .

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Annual Inspection

The 2017 Annual Inspection on February 2nd was different than usual due to the unfortunate absence of Commander Hebert, but he was able to make it for the briefing with the staff. Due to his absence, the armed and unarmed drill performances along with the passing review were cut from the event. The presentation of colors was performed by our color guard and the invocation was performed by c/Woods. We were also able to use our new drone (flown by our very own Aerobots) for the first time to record the Annual Inspection. In addition, Dr. King was present to give out awards to the cadets who earned them.


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Good afternoon, Bobcats!

Two weeks ago we won Lake Howell on November 5th, our CO, Bennett Lax proudly claimed we did so much better this year.

Today, the Cadet of the Quarter board will be held after school. The nominees are: c/O’Connor, c/Courtney, c/Inostroza, c/Altonen and c/Piedrahita. We wish the best of luck to the nominees! Tonight Blaze Pizza is holding a fundraiser for our unit from 5 to 8 pm, don’t forget to show support, Bobcats.

In other news the CPO meeting will be tomorrow at 6 pm. In addition, Goldcoast is approaching soon.

c/PO1 Luizaga reporting for the ROTC blog.

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04 OCT 2016- Last week on September 30th, NJROTC won 1st place in the Jamba Juice fundraiser contributing $1000 to our engineering department. Sliver Coast is coming up on October 21st, so cadets prepare for the competition between the companies. In other news, Florida is being menaced by Hurricane Matthew, which we are expecting between tomorrow and Thursday so school might be cancelled by the weather conditions, stay safe.


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Blog News

Today, September 26, we are starting the blog for all the different companies. If you would like to apply for the job contact C/Pardo or C/Susman at socialdepthead@gmail.com for the position.

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