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Commanding Officer


The Commanding Officer is the Regimental Commander and holds the rank of Cadet Commander. He or She is in charge with absolute responsibility for the safety, well-being, and efficient operation of his/her command. Their duties and responsibilities are established by U.S Navy Regulations, NJROTC Regulations, Field Manual, Cadet Handbook, General Orders, Customs, Traditions, and Moral Responsibilities establish duties and responsibilities. The CO may delegate this authority to a subordinate for the accomplishment of a specific task, but may not delegate his/her responsibility for the successful completion of the task. The CO is the head of the Regimental Staff. The CO is responsible for the unit’s performance..

Executive Officer


The Executive Officer is the CO’s aid or executive. The XO holds the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Commander. The XO is part of the Regimental Staff. He/she would temporarily succeed the Commanding Officer if he/she were unable to carry out his/her duties. The XO is directly responsible to the Commanding Officer for the administration of the unit. All other officers report to the XO on matters pertaining to the performance of the unit and keep him/her informed of any operational development or difficulties in their area of responsibility. The XO shall pay particular attention to safety, morale, welfare, training, discipline and performance of the unit as a whole. He/she reports to the CO on the performance of individual officers making recommendations on rewards or corrective action.

Operations Officer


The Operations Officer is third in command in the Corps of Cadets. He/she is the Department Head representative on the Regimental Staff. The duties of the OPS Officer are to set the example, to carry out all orders of the NJROTC Instructors, Co and Xo. Other duties include field trip planning and correspondence, routed through the SNSI, publishing the “Plan of the Week” in advance and ensuring that this publication will be posted in the Ready Room on the Friday prior, informing the Armed Drill Team, Unarmed Drill Team, Color Guard, PT Team, and all other team Commanders to ensure that they are notified of all events, and maintaining an accurate, neat, legible notice board for the battalion schedule and activities and accurate calendar of events. Overall, their duty is to supervise the Operations Depatment.

Master Chief Petty Officer


The Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO) is the senior enlisted cadet and serves as an advisor to the Commanding Officer. He/she is the enlisted representative on the Cadet Staff. The MCPO represents the enlisted Corps of Cadets. The MCPO must set the standards for all cadets to follow. If a cadet has a problem and cannot speak with anyone in the immediate chain of command, the MCPO will be available to talk to. The duties and responsibilities of the MCPO include but are not limited to setting the example, submitting a prompt and accurate muster for all unit formations, and to inform the Cadet Staff of Cadet concerns. He is in charge of the First Lieutenant, the Chaplain and the Senior Watch Officer.

Athletics Officer


The Athletics Officer is in charge of all Physical Fitness activities within the unit. They are responsible for setting the example, making and acting upon a PT plan that is posted on the Plan of the Week. Ensure that all physical fitness activities are organized and conducted under the safest possible conditions, supervise the Physical Training (PT) Team, form a roster for competing cadets at Field Meets. Maintain an accurate record of all PT tests given; ensure that all PT tests are conducted in accordance with the NSTC Field Manual. Ensure that the records of PT tests are passed on to the Training Officer during the Advancement Cycle.