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The Bobcat Regiment is a Naval Junior (High School) ROTC program that emphasizes the importance of achieving excellence in all endeavors. Cadets set high goals and work diligently in achieve them. They understand the value of teamwork, dedication, perseverance and leadership.  The Bobcat Regiment sets a high standard in Military Drill, Academics, Athletics, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Leadership. The cadets have established an impeccable reputation of accomplishment through hard work, dedication and a winning attitude.

The Bobcat Regiment consistently produces College graduates. More of them have graduated from the Naval Academy and College ROTC programs than any other Navy JROTC program. The program has produced hundreds of enlisted service members that have served and are serving around the globe. Many more have completed degrees and have established careers in civil and criminal law, health care, engineering, education, business, law enforcement and fire service to name a few. Cadets as a group have the highest Grade Point Average and reading scores of all other groups at Boca Raton HS. Cadets are part of every athletic team at the school.  Cadets have the lowest incidence of poor conduct and earn the most scholarships.

Cadets consistently perform more community service hours that any other club on campus. They are sought after by local government, civic organizations, educational institutions, health care organizations and businesses. They provide the community patriotic services such as Color Guards and Honor Guards as well as volunteering to assist in community clean-up projects, fund raising for scholarships and many others activities. The current Cadet Corps has performed in excess of 15,000 community service hours this school year.